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How to Learn Magic

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Magic tricks have always entertained and amazed people around the world. They are a great way to interact and meet new people. And you can always impress your friends and family by doing some tricks on your sleeve. It can also help you improve your public speaking skills and gain a productive hobby and profession.

Preparing yourself to Learn Magic

1. Master your Dexterity

The biggest factor of magic is dexterity. Magic usually relies on the sleight of your hands, doing magic on one hand and distracting the audience with the other. Improving your dexterity can make magic tricks easier for you.

Practicing dexterity

2. Improving your Reflexes

You may need to practice a trick many times before you can fully perform it. Your reflexes can help you to fix your errors while practicing.

Practicing your reflexes

3. Learn to Focus and Concentrate

You may want to practice focusing and concentrating on your magic tricks in order not to slip an error while performing. Doing this may lead to a successful show for everyone to see.

Focusing and concentrating

Study Magic Tricks

1. Find your Study Materials

Books, videos, websites, or even virtual meeting tutorials can help you learn the mechanics behind the magic tricks.

Virtual Summer Camp

2. Choose a Magic Trick you want to focus on

Picking one magic trick at a time can help you master it more. You may need to invest in materials for a more complicated trick.

burning cards

3. Follow the Instructions Carefully

You need to follow the instructions as much as possible while practicing with your trick and props. Repeat the process until you memorized all the movements and patterns.

Following Instructions

4. Practice without your Guide

Remove all instructions and pretend you have an audience in front of you. Continue this until you can perform a trick perfectly.

Practicing without the guide

5. Make some Adjustments that Suits you

Don't be scared to change some things in your tricks. You should always consider changing the patterns and movements according to your personality and how you deliver the magic trick. Experiment with what you think is the best way for you to perform in front of your audience.

Make adjustments for you

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