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Congrats on solving the puzzle!

3d printed puzzle

Here is a fun trick that you can perform with a dollar bill and two paperclips

This trick involves taking a bill and two normal paperclips and after placing them on the bill, they magically link! This trick requires no skill and all you have to do is place the paperclips on the bill correctly.

First, you need a dollar bill (or similarly shaped piece of paper) and two paperclips. I recommend using large paper clips, otherwise, it might be hard to do the trick correctly.

paperclips & a dollar

You will need to fold the bill in a zig-zag way that is approximately equal. Make sure that the bill is not folded over itself, but in more of an S-shape.

folding a dollar bill

Then place the paperclips on either side
of the bill. Make sure the paper clip is between one edge and one centerpiece for each of the clips. This is the most challenging part of the trick.

insert the paperclip

To make them link, simply make sure the paperclips are facing upwards, and pull outwards. This should cause the paperclips to move closer together.

paperclips inserted in the bill

And ultimately link!

pulling the dollar bill
pull the dollar
paperclip linked together

Good Luck!

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