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Close-Up Magic Options

Here is a list of Nathaniel's current close up magic offerings. All are fully customizable for any events you have. Get in touch and Nathaniel will work with you on curating the best experience for your next event!

"Roaming" - This is the best option for private parties or special events as Nathaniel is able to roam from group to group performing short sets of original magic. This option is perfect to entertain guests throughout the event as it helps to keep the energy up and creates a lively and magical atmosphere as he performs mind blowing illusions just inches from the guests. 

"Impromptu" - A borrowed close up magic show - this 30-45 minute experience is a classic close up magic show executed at the highest level. Featuring all original magic, Nathaniel is able to curate a one of a kind choose-your-own-adventure magic show mainly done with borrowed objects. Nathaniel performs all magic in short sleeves and guests are left with a number of impossible objects that they can keep as mementos. This is best for intimate private parties of 10-15 people. 

"Magic Pizza Guy" Experience - This is a surprise hour long version of the "Impromptu" magic show, done where Nathaniel arrives dressed as a delivery person, with the pizza or other take out item of your choosing. Upon arrival, the host announces that the pizza guy is actually an accomplished magician who then goes into performing his act that has blown away audiences at the Magic Castle. Nathaniel will work with the host on the key moments to make all details as convincing as possible. A props list will be sent ahead of time, but absolutely nothing is prearranged. Each participant will receive a commemorative lapel pin and a toy invented by Nathaniel, who will teach everyone some tricks you can perform.

For those seeking something a bit different...

Revelations FB Post.png

Revelations - This is a full theatrical experience presented in your home. Revelations is a play that tells the story of Will, a pizza delivery guy, who unexpectedly shows up to a private party where guests are expecting a magic show. The experience unfolds from here as the guests discover that they are the characters of this production and the choices that they make affect how the story pans out. There are magic, puzzles, and adventure that can take place well beyond the bounds of the event that transpires that evening. The questions asked are most important and this production has layers that challenge the notion of perception being reality with each new Revelation.

If you are interested in any of these options and would like to see some of Nathaniel's magic in action, you can request a visit to the Magic Castle by filling out the form here.

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