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Award-Winning Close-Up Magic

This option is perfect for entertaining guests throughout the event. It helps keep the energy up and creates a lively and magical atmosphere as I roam from group to group performing mind-blowing miracles just inches from the spectators' faces!

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Entertainment Oxygen Magic Show
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Entertainment Oxygen Magic Show

Award-Winning Full Show Magic

The show can be anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour or more. This interactive magic show incorporates his acclaimed original magic (featured on national television!), dynamic circus skills, and lots of audience interaction! He has reworked the show to make it fun and safe for all involved. 

Haven City Market Magic Show

This show is perfect for the sometimes skeptical adult audience, and he has created magic that baffles even the most intelligent minds of Silicon Valley.

Graduation Magic Show in Berkley University

Discounts are available for booking the show in conjunction with the close-up.

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